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Thank You!! • The Bootleg Coal Rebellion
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Thank You!!

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    Thank you so much to everyone that came out to book release events this August. Five events in four days! It was a powerful experience. I talked to nearly every person who came out and heard countless stories that were inspirational, harrowing, surprising, funny, or touching. I’ll be doing more events soon (see events page).

    If you’ve read some or part of the book, please leave an honest review online, be in Amazon, Goodreads, social media–anywhere really. You could even it on paper and hang it at the post office 🤣. I’m also looking for some help getting the book sold locally in stores, especially community hubs like corner stores and diners. If you have suggestions & contacts, please get in touch. I want the book to be where people can find it, especially for people who don’t read often. I’ve been getting a lot of requests asking where people can buy it and I’d like to have a list to point people towards.

    The story of the bootleg miners is profound, and I’d like to get some historic markers set up to recognize them. Nearly every town in the lower coal region has events that could be marked and commemorated. All it takes is a group of people and a little bit of work. If you know some people who’d like to work on that, get in touch. It requires doing a petition, some fundraising, some paperwork, and a dedication ceremony.

    None of them were possible without the help of many, many people. Thanks to: SJ @ Mondragon, Mary Anne Troutman my #1 bookseller, Roxie Rothermal, Lewisburg First Presbyterian, Trevorton Rec Committee, John Bostwick, Keith Troutman, Phoebe Heath @ Anthracite Creative Works, Jaime Levi, Stevie Blyler Photography, Brandon Kopinetz @ the Washington Hotel, Jim @ Minersville Area Historical Society, George Maroukis & Heather, Hope & Coffee in Tamaqua, Pioneer Tunnel in Ashland, the Northumberland County Fair, Jamie Longazel @ Anthracite Unite, and Mark Lawrence @ WKOK.